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That casual Moment

2016-08-24 09:07:35 by KA-KeitorinArtist

When you realized you haven't uploaded any of your new pieces of artwork to the art portal O3O
I'm going to fix that now and start loading pieces XD 

I'm a better artist than I am musician anyhow o3o/


2016-08-23 16:27:28 by KA-KeitorinArtist

I'm getting the feeling that some people on the audio portal take a shit on people just so that others will be less inclined to listen and or comment.

If you're going to give a negative review, leave a goddamn comment.
Don't be a scumbag.


2016-02-27 16:27:45 by KA-KeitorinArtist

I'm getting so much nice feedback here lately, and I thank everyone for it <3
it's really boosting my confidence level.

Thinking of also submitting some of my artwork here, but we'll see. ^u^ might stick to my deviantart/Tumblr for that.


2015-12-04 22:23:51 by KA-KeitorinArtist

So my mom's headphones don't make me sound whiny!
I've been noticing that while I'm recording, The base is stripped from my voice and I sound like this annoying piece of crap. Lesson learned, Guitar hero Microphones are not the way to go.

From now on, I'm going to swipe my mothers headphones, which turns out to be expensive gaming headphones (say whaaaaat) and doing songs up that way. Still trying to resolve the mic breaths though. they are loud and distracting. 


2015-10-19 00:58:44 by KA-KeitorinArtist

It's quite possible...
That I'm thinking
That in 2016
I'm going to redo all of the songs that became the best hit from the begining of my year here to current

OwO Should be interesting.
And just to annoy you all again, I will be resinging 3 legged race for the bajillionth time. XD 

Well, Well, Well

2015-07-02 04:36:42 by KA-KeitorinArtist


So I think it's safe to say that I should take off the head phones and actually LISTEN!

Mom had to reiterate that her computer already runs Finale Notepad. The 2012 version. (my old one was a 2007 ;u; )
So, I'm transferring music onto the digital music sheets //finally// and I should be able to produce midi's and use Solmire to turn midi into mp3.

Though she said that fl studios might already be on the laptop, it's just a matter of finding it amongst the mess. We'll see if I can dig up that and get back to mixing. Don't hold your breath though ^u^

I forgot to give a heads up that I am currently incapable of making mixes at this current time. My computer about 3 months ago kicked the bucket (I was able to retrieve my files onto a chip though, so all is well). 

So, anything posted is just going to be random singing since Audacity is on my mom's old computer and on the new desktop. However, I can't download my music programs onto either computer until mom is done doing what she needs to, to set up the desktop with all that it needs. My mom's old laptop has a cooling issue and can't cool as efficiently as it used to because the battery keeps overheating easily when the computer is running major softwares.

Until then, I'll just be writing my music on loose leaf of music sheets until the issue is resolved.


2015-03-02 16:07:18 by KA-KeitorinArtist

At this point I'm just writing music and mixing it, with the occasional mixing my fav. video/anime songs.
Really not much to write about. Whatever mood I'm in is what song I get out of it in the end.
Though. what i'm finding, is that the songs come out pretty gloomy. 
I might post the gloomy ones, we'll see.

HAHA... ya...

2014-07-23 12:17:20 by KA-KeitorinArtist

I decided to do a computer clean up so that  I can empty out the folders, get program files where they need to be and what not.
I found my music projects file in the process of all that Jazz.
I'm going through it and I have a feeling it's all music from 2013, because is the labeling and titles of this kinda... needed to be titled better

So any songs that have a weird song title, and I will state if it's not on purpose, they have the title they do because that's what I file labeled it as and left no notes on it. I recently found my music muse again and I'm also making new music. Woo!

I decided to get gutsey and .... Combine my mixing with my singing. *hides*
I haven't done this because of a few reasons. I felt like my voice couldn't carry with instruments or techno in the background. I have proven myself wrong... (not with 3 legged race. that was a procastination piece)
I can sing and carry a tune without indication of what the tune is anymore. 

So with that randomness bs typed out said.... LETS GO~

P.S. I hope to get my brother and mother in on the singing since they have beau voices ;u;

So ya/

2014-05-18 14:35:24 by KA-KeitorinArtist

I'm just going to... voice act... alot XD And maybe sing. 

Give me voices to try and songs to sing I guess XD