HAHA... ya...

2014-07-23 12:17:20 by KA-KeitorinArtist

I decided to do a computer clean up so that  I can empty out the folders, get program files where they need to be and what not.
I found my music projects file in the process of all that Jazz.
I'm going through it and I have a feeling it's all music from 2013, because is the labeling and titles of this kinda... needed to be titled better

So any songs that have a weird song title, and I will state if it's not on purpose, they have the title they do because that's what I file labeled it as and left no notes on it. I recently found my music muse again and I'm also making new music. Woo!

I decided to get gutsey and .... Combine my mixing with my singing. *hides*
I haven't done this because of a few reasons. I felt like my voice couldn't carry with instruments or techno in the background. I have proven myself wrong... (not with 3 legged race. that was a procastination piece)
I can sing and carry a tune without indication of what the tune is anymore. 

So with that randomness bs typed out said.... LETS GO~

P.S. I hope to get my brother and mother in on the singing since they have beau voices ;u;


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