Black Song (Drakengard) (no vocal) Miscellaneous Song
Decommissioned A3R Solo Instrument Song
A6L-R Solo Instrument Song
R2R dit Solo Instrument Song
A6L dit Solo Instrument Song
Test Sing: Here Comes a Thought Miscellaneous Song

2016 Submissions

Princess Mononoke Theme Miscellaneous Song
Re:Re: Vocal Techno Song
Re:Re Techno Song
Re:Re: Piano Comp. Solo Instrument Song
Test Sing: Lost in thoughts all alone Experimental Song
SenbonZakura Techno Song
Crystalline Techno Song
Crystalline Cover Techno Song
Nope It all Miscellaneous Song
Cog Miscellaneous Song
Test Sing Regret Experimental Song
Group Singing Test Voice Demo Voice
The Dreams Of Candlelight A Capella Voice
Fairy's Laugh Experimental Song
Gravity Falls Opening Theme Miscellaneous Song
[Redo] Three Legged Race Pop Song
Little Emotions Experimental Song
Full Force Remix Experimental Song
The Grave Walk Classical Song
Dancing Rain Techno Song
Dancing Rain [Piano] Solo Instrument Song
To Cade Experimental Song
Mix Demo Experimental Loop
The More that I Try Remix Experimental Song
Town of Wind and Ruins Remix Experimental Song
Far from Our World Remix Experimental Song
Search Seal Remix Experimental Song
Rovers Remix Experimental Song
A Glint of Light Remix Experimental Song
Lost One Weeping Experimental Song
La Ragazza Col Fucile Unfinish Experimental Song
Tales Of- Dumb Ways To Die Miscellaneous Song
Mother {remix} Techno Song
Cold Caverns Demo Experimental Song
The Promise FF XIII Miscellaneous Song
Dearly Beloved Miscellaneous Song
3 legged race Pop Song
I Don"t Even Know Experimental Song
Tales of Random Voice Acting Experimental Voice
Zelda's Lullaby Miscellaneous Voice
Voice Acting Practice Experimental Voice
Alternia bells Miscellaneous Song
John Rise Up Music Box Miscellaneous Song
John Rise up Remix3 Miscellaneous Song
John Rise up Remix2 Miscellaneous Song
John Rise up Remix Miscellaneous Song
Attack on Titan Opening Remix Experimental Song
Gamzee's Trouble Miscellaneous Song
Karkat Vantas VoiceTryout Voice Demo Voice
Terezi Voice Try out Voice Demo Voice
Nixies' Theme more added Classical Song
Nixie's Theme incomplet Classical Song
Nixies' Theme Classical Song
My spectacular Fail :D A Capella Voice
Dream Realm Section 7 Classical Song
Prologue Scoots ZeldaUO Voice Demo Song
Wasn't worth it A Capella Loop
Disgrace Child Miscellaneous Song
Find your Catalyst Techno Song
Remix: Code Lyoko Techno Song
Lilium Techno Song
Remake:Elemental Gelad V2 Techno Song
Remake:Elemental Gelad V1 Techno Song
Remake: Princess Mononoke Techno Song
Labortory Techno Loop
Lonely Sound Classical Loop
Nemure nemure hora Miscellaneous Song
Dream Realm Section 6 Classical Song
Dream Realm Section 5 Classical Song
Dream Realm Section 4 Classical Song
Dream Realm section 3 Classical Song
Dream Realm Section 2 Classical Song
Dream Realm Section 1 Classical Song